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What is thermos cooking and what is a thermal cooker?

Thermal Cookers are a wonderful way to slow cook your meals to get great tasting food with very little energy consumed. In an emergency and when fuel for cooking is scarce (and even when it's not,) using a thermal cooker can save over 80% to 90% of the fuel consumed for cooking a meal compared to a propane, wood or other fuel source.

Thermal cooking is a simple process, much like a crock pot or slow cooker but without the electricity. Simply place the ingredients of your recipe inside the stainless steel inner pot and on your cook stove, then bring the contents to a simmer. Depending on the type of food (from simply rice or vegetables to high meat content,) leave it on a simmer for a few minutes up to about 30 minutes to fully saturate the food with heat. Once saturated, remove the pot from the stove and quickly place it inside the thermal cooker outer pot and close the lid. The thermo pot keeps the heat inside and the food slow cooks in it's own heat until done. Yes, it's that simple!

Thermos cooking uses the retained heat built up in food as it's simmered on the stove as the means to slow cook the food while it's kept inside a thermos or vacuum or other insulated container such as a thermos pot, bottle, flask or other thermal cookware.

thermal cooker is a very simple and easy to use appliance designed to hold a cook pot inside an insulated thermal container. The best performing thermal cookers are made of a steel vacuum insulated outer pot with a heavy stainless steel inner pot and lid. They are basically a non-electric slow cooker or crock pot.

o use, simply add the ingredients of your recipe into the stainless steel inner pot and place it on the stove. Bring the contents up to a boil and depending on what it is you are cooking (from simply rice or vegetables to high meat content,) leave it simmering for a minimum of one minute to about 30 minutes before you turn the stove off and place the inner pot into the insulated outer pot and close the lid. The remaining cook time takes place within the cooker with the heat retained in the boiling hot food inside the thermal cooker finishing the job. That's it, simple and easy to use. You can prepare a whole day's worth of meals in the morning and by lunch time the food will be ready to eat. A dinner meal will also be cooked and ready because the insulated thermal cookers can keep hot things hot for 6-12 hours, depending on the food and how much is being cooked. Thermal cooking is a great option for when you are traveling on the road in an RV, boondocking or even camping. Thermal cooking provides you the opportunity to prepare a meal early in the day and not have to pay any attention to it until you are ready to eat it within a few to several hours later.

For the best quality thermal cooker choose the THERMOS brand models as they are the best constructed and highest performance thermal cookers made. For a good quality thermal cooker and on a price performance basis the Saratoga Jacks thermal cookers are hard to beat. Both Saratoga Jacks models feature two stainless steel inner pots which lets you cook two things at once.

Whether you are cooking fresh foods, or any type of freeze dried or dehydrated food storage,
using a thermal cooker to heat and cook it is the best solution available in our humble opinion!

Watch these play lists of recipe demonstration videos to see how to use and cook with a thermal cooker.

Thermal Cooker Recipe Demonstration using the THERMOS Shuttle Chef RPC-6000 thermal cooker

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