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Thermos RPC-6000 Thermal Cooker 2x3L & 6L Pots

Thermos Shuttle Chef RPC-6000 Thermal Cooker

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Like magic this thermal cooker cooks your food long after you take it off your stove.
Using a simple non-electric vacuum insulated outer pot the heat of the food inside the inner stainless steel retains over time slow cooking your favorite recipes into a delicious meal.

The THERMOS Shuttle Chef RPC-6000 with both 2x3L and additional 6L inner pot thermal cooker is a healthy, economical and convenient way to cook. Assemble the ingredients from a couple recipes into the two inner pots, put it on the stove and bring to a boil. Then remove the inner pots from the stove and place it inside the outer thermal pot which is a non-electric vacuum insulated steel container that will keep the contents of the stainless steel inner pot hot. There is no need to plug in any power cord. The food will continue its crockpot-like thermal cooking process using the retained heat in the food and water from your recipe. After the required time (e.g. rice 30 min; chicken stock 2 hrs; beef brisket 3.5 hrs), just open the outer thermo pot, and a nutritional and flavorful meal is hot and ready.

The THERMOS steel vacuum insulated Thermal Cooker has excellent heat retention capacity; the food inside the pot can retain a temperature of about 160 degree Fahrenheit even after 8 hours. It's safe to leave unattended because there is no power or pressure needed to cook. The thermal cooking process requires no further supervision or monitoring. Food can be cooked while you are traveling or socializing at a tailgate party. You can cook with the pot anywhere, anytime and it's safe to use indoors or out. It saves money because after the heated food has been placed inside the outer vacuum pot there is no extra energy needed to maintain the heat or cold for the next 6 to 12 hours. This slow cooker entraps flavor, minerals and nutrients; generates less odor, grease and smoke in the kitchen. Never over cooks and cleans up easily. This is great stuff to get your food prepared with. A very simple and one of the most efficient cooking methods available to cook with as little fuel as possible.

Note that this item is imported and the packaging and materials inside are geared for the Asian market as THERMOS has not localized these cookers for the US market. Part of the recipe book is however in English and the simplicity of use doesn't require much instruction. The basic function is to bring your food to a boil and simmer from one to about 25 minutes depending on the food you are cooking with quicker cooking foods simmering shorter amounts compared to beans or other foods that need longer amounts of simmering to fully saturate with heat. Once the food has simmered take the pot off the heat source and place the inner pot into the vacuum outer pot and close the lid. Let the recipe finish it's cooking period of time before removing and serving. Avoid any temptation to peak inside as that will let the heat escape and prolong or prevent complete cooking through. A full pot or one at least 3/4's full or more is best to maintain the best thermal mass to completely cook foods without any issues. If your recipes are smaller than what would fill a 6L pot at least 3/4 full then a smaller capacity thermal cooker would be the better size to serve your cooking needs.

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